Sure, they might not be coming back to TV until 2016, but this week X-Files’ 11th season kicks off in a new run of comics. But that’s not all there is to enjoy in the newest comics of the week: DC’s Bombshells make their physical debut, Sleepy Hollow’s Abbie and Ichabod return to comics, and much, much more!

Dark Horse

Single Issues

  • Adam.3 #1 - A man born into a futuristic island utopia fights to save his troubled family as terrifying visions of a monstrous doom foretell the end to his world. Written By: Scott Kolins Artist: Scott Kolins
  • King Tiger #1 - A dark secret from King Tiger’s past comes back to haunt him, and he must rally all of his skills to face a being tied to his destiny. Written By: Randy Stradley Artist: Doug Wheatley

Trade Paperbacks

  • Hellboy and the BRPD 1952 - Professor Bruttenholm sends a young Hellboy to a Brazilian village on his first mission, to investigate the shadowy links behind a series of gruesome murders. Written By: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi Artist: Alex Maleev

DC Comics

Single Issues

  • DC’s Bombshells #1 - Inspired by the range of statuettes, explore an alternate Earth where World War II was fought and won by DC’s finest superheroines. Written By: Marguerite Bennett Artist: Marguerite Sauvage
  • Justice League: Gods and Monsters #1 - Set before Bruce Timm’s latest animated film, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman come together for the first time when a mysterious man claims he can evolve humanity to the next level. Written By: J. M. DeMatteis, Bruce Timm Artist: Thony Silas

Trade Paperbacks

  • Lobo Volume One: Targets - Charged with protecting a valuable client from six highly trained assassins, Lobo cuts a path of destruction through the DC Universe as he attempts his mission while trying to find those responsible for the contract on his client’s life. Written By: Cullen Bunn Artists: Reilly Brown & Various
  • Superman: Krypton Returns - Superman joins forces with other Kryptonian heroes to stop H’El from destroying the universe. Written By: Scott Lobdell & Various Artists: Mahmud A. Asrar & Various


Single Issues

  • Boy-1 #1 - The drug-addled heir to a genetic-engineering company begins to investigate his company’s murky past, and discovers he is the catalyst in a global event that will transform humanity forever. Written By: H.S. Tak Artist: Amancay Nahuelpan
  • String Divers #1 - A renegade team of heroes protects the world from arcane threats hiding on a subatomic level. Written By: Chris Ryall Artist: Nelson Daniel
  • X-Files Season 11 #1 - On the run from a government that’s declared him a whistleblower, Mulder turns to Scully to help clear his name and keep the U.S. from the clutches of the Glasses-wearing Man. Written By: Joe Harris Artist: Matthew Dow Smith

Trade Paperbacks

  • Snake Eyes: Agent of Cobra - One of the most beloved Joes has turned to the sinister Cobra—but why? Written By: Mike Costa Artist: Paolo Villanelli
  • Millennium - Fifteen years ago, Mulder and Scully enlisted the help of psychic Frank Black to saved the world from a calamity. But when sinister cultists target Frank’s daughter, Black finds himself entering the fray once more. Written By: Joe Harris Artist: Colin Lorimer


Single Issues

  • Apollo IX - Apollo IX is a ruthless scientist who uses his beauty in order to get his work done for him. Eros and Psyche are two of his brightest protégés, but will they live to see their contributions to Apollo IX’s latest experiment come to life? Written By: Ashley Robinson Artist: Fernando Argosino
  • Artemis IX #1 - Still reeling from Hades IX’s surprise explosion in his city of New Cypress, Artemis IX tries to put things back to normal, only to discover that one of his own cyborgs is out to kill him. Written By: Dan Wickline Artist: Johnny Desjardins
  • Beauty #1 - In a world where physical perfection is attainable, the vast majority of the population has taken advantage of it—but two detectives will soon discover it comes at a terrible price. Written By: Jeremy Haun, James A. Hurley Artist: Jeremy Haun
  • Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #1 - Nearly a decade ago, Emily Aster sold half her personality for the power to rule a coven of phonomancers. But in a world where music is magic, what power can a video hold? Written By: Kieron Gillen Artist: Jamie McKelvie


Trade Paperbacks

  • Daredevil: Typhoid’s Kiss - The story of Mary Walker, an ex-girlfriend of Matt Murdock who develops an alternate personality as the psychotic, man-hating villain Typhoid Mary. Written By: Ann Nocenti, Steve Lightle Artists: Various
  • Original Sin: Agent Carter - In the early 1950s, an alien energy source is discovered in Russia. It’s up to Peggy Carter and Howard Stark to find it - but a newly risen terrorist group called Hydra is also on the hunt! Written By: Kathryn Immonen Artists: Rich Ellis, Ramon K. Perez


Single Issues

  • Americatown #1 (Boom!) - After an economic collapse, Americans are illegally emigrating to other countries to find work, creating “Americatowns” wherever they go—but one man has a difficult time trying to sneak back into Buenos Aires to rejoin his family. Written By: Bradford Winters, Larry Cohen Artist: Daniel Irizarri
  • Archon #1 (Action Lab) - A Vietnam veteran accepts a security job at the new fantasy-themed Hotel and Casino. However, he soons discover all the Orcs, Elves and Dragons at the Resort are not people in costumes, but actual creatures of myth and legend. Written By: John J. Perez Artists: Marco Maccagni & Various
  • King #1 (Jet City Comics) - The sole human survivor of a post-apocalyptic event, King joins the L.A. Department of Reclamation, trekking out into the wasteland to find the mythical and mundane artifacts of human civilisation of the strange new mutant populace of the city. Written By: Joshua Hale Fialkov Artist: Bernard Chang
  • Muirwood: The Lost Abbey #1 (Jet City Comics) - Maia, the daughter of the king of Comoros, has been banished. Her rank and station have been taken away. Although magic is forbidden of women in her world, Maia has secretly learned it, and now her desperate father has sent her on a dangerous quest to save their kingdom. Written By: Matthew Sturges & Various Artist: Alex Sheikman
  • Sanitarium #1 (Guardian Knight Comics) - A young boy struggles to survive his abusive father and a nightmarish entity that appears to be stalking him. Is the monster real, or a figment of the child’s tormented imagination? Written By: Bryan Ortiz & Various Artist: Juan Romera
  • Sleepy Hollow: Providence #1 (Boom!) - Jenny returns to Sleepy Hollow with an ancient artifact she discovered in tow: the Eye of Providence. It supposedly gives its possessor psychic powers, but when it does nothing for her, she hands it off to Ichabod and Abbie to investigate. But the Eye attracts a demonic bike gang called The Wild Hunt, and they’re cutting down anyone who gets in their way of obtaining it. Written By: Eric Carrasco Artist: Victor Santos

Graphic Novels And Collections

Graphic Novels

  • Dark Gods Volume One (Avatar Press) - A group of heroes called The Storm has to prevent an invasion of Tiamat’s hellish minions, stop the rest of humanity from breaking into panic, and hold back the flood of horrors. Written By: Justin Jordan Artists: German Erramouspe, Michael DiPascale
  • Judge Dredd: America (Rebellion) - America Jara and Bennett Beeny grow up as best friends, living a fairly trouble-free life in a dangerous city, bar the odd encounter with a Judge. Time draws them apart, and when they are brought back together, Beeny is a successful singer and America has become involved with a terrorist organization - with the Judges in its sights. Written By: John Wagner Artist: Colin MacNeil
  • The Sea Urchin (Big Planet) - A young girl tries to live her life while a poisonous sea urchin lives inside her brain. Written By: Laura Knetzger Artist: Laura Knetzger


  • Olympus (Humanoids Inc) - Aa group of archaeology graduate students and a team of mercenaries are shipwrecked together on the legendary Mount Olympus, where ancient Gods and mythological creatures still roam free. Written By: Geoff Johns, Kris Grimminger Artist: Butch Guice
  • Captain Canuck: Series One Compendium (Chapter House) - Captain Canuck’s brother Michael has vanished, and it’s up to Canuck and Equilibrium to mount a rescue operation to find him. Written By: George Freeman, Richard Comely Artists: George Freeman & Various