Mulan, Disney's Often-Forgotten Princess, Gets an Absolutely Perfect Tribute

So often Mulan gets forgotten. The 1998 Disney film came out a little between the company’s golden eras. Because of that, we don’t see as many t-shirts, dolls, or posters of Mulan like you do for Ariel or Belle. But Disney is about to release a tribute that almost makes up for that. Almost.

Yes, the company is prepping a live-action remake, a fitting tribute indeed, but that’s years away. This tribute is out Friday, and it’s in the form of a striking new poster from Cyclops Print Works. The poster by artist Craig Drake is a 24 x 36 inch, 23-color screenprint, in two editions. Drake’s style combined with the colors and details create a simply gorgeous image, one that captures the power and beauty of the character in an absolutely perfect way.


The top version is an edition of 95. And the bottom is an edition of 50. They cost $100 and $110 respectively. So it’s a relatively expensive, very small run to be sure, but anyone who gets one will have just about the best Mulan poster ever.

The posters go on sale at noon PST on Friday January 27 to celebrate the Lunar New Year at Cyclops Print Works.


As for that live-action movie, no real news has cropped up since last October when it was announced the film would be released November 2, 2018. But you’d expect at least a director to be announced soon. It’s going to be written by Lauren Hynek and Elizabeth Martin as “a more nuanced and elaborate adaptation” of material “combining the legendary ballad and the 1998 animated film.”

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