Mudbloods Proves Quidditch Is the Only Game Where USC Roots for UCLA

The rivalry between the University of California, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California is a deep one, and any one of those schools cheering for the other is an incredibly rare sight. And yet, that's exactly what happens in this exclusive clip from the Quidditch documentary Mudbloods.


Mudbloods, directed by Farzad Sangari and available today on the website and iTunes, follows the UCLA Quiddich team's 2011 season and competition in the International Quidditch Association's World Cup. In the clip above, UCLA's gearing up to play the four-time champion Middlebury team, whom UCLA had lost to in an earlier round.

The end of the documentary, which takes place entirely at the World Cup, is by far the best part of the whole documentary. UCLA is clearly positioned as the underdog to the constant Middlebury champions, and watching them battle their way through the competition is as thrilling as any other sports drama with "scrappy underdogs" as its hook. By the time USC showed up to cheer for UCLA, after having lost so that UCLA could reach this point, I was completely enthralled. It made it worth watching the earlier chunks of the film, which include bits on the planning of the tournament itself and interviews with a huge Harry Potter fan that just bog down the real story: that of the UCLA team.

None of that stopped me from wincing at the hard hits and actually tearing up during the clip above, though. Quidditch is serious business.


I thought it was "mug blood" as in muggle blood. Shows what I know.

Also, a friend if mine played rugby in college (at KU,) and said that the quidditch club members were utter bitches. They apparently went around bragging about how their larp/sport is more strenuous than rugby.

Anyone framiliar with rugby knows this claim to be absurd.