MTV's Teen Wolf series replaces the hijinks with teen angst

MTV has finally released the first official trailer for their TV series reboot of the Teen Wolf franchise. So what's different from the original Michael J. Fox version? It's not just the switch from basketball to lacrosse.


The new series stars Tyler Posey, better known as the cute kid from Maid in Manhattan. But now he's all grown up, and learning how to seduce fellow high school classmates with his new werewolf superpowers. Posey spends high school as a miserable dork, until he gains the mojo of a werewolf — including the power to make women attracted to him. Naturally, his first girlfriend turns out to be the daughter to the leader of the local werewolf-hunting gang, star-crossed! As you can see, this series is a whole lot more dramatic than its source material. We're getting a strong Vampire Diaries vibe from this production.

The series will air the premiere episode on June 5th on MTV.

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I wouldn't mind a modern update on Teen Wolf, as long as they maintained the comedy angle. Turning it into the same thing we've seen thirty times already in the last few years, i.e. The Gates, True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Being Human, and of course Twilight, does not fill me with confidence.

By the way, io9, have you seen Becoming Human?