So the folks at MTV released a giant, two-minute trailer at New York Comic Con for the upcoming fantasy series The Shannara Chronicles, based on the many, many bestselling novels by Terry Brooks. Much like the book series, I doubt anyone is going to accuse the Shannara show of overwhelming originality, but it still could be fun.


The trailer gets right into one of the big reveals of the first trilogy, in that Shannara is in fact the future of Earth, after an apocalypse, and after a bunch of elves and dwarves and dragons and magic and things moved in. It’s harder for a TV series to keep this a surprise than a book, so this decision is perfectly understandable, although Shannara’s Planet of the Apes-esque, “It was Earth all along!” reveal was one of the series’ best moments.

Otherwise it seems fantasy business as usual: dragons, magical doodads, an evil army of demons, and, of course, John Rhys-Davis, who is contractually obligated to appear in every live-action fantasy production, TV or film, until death finally sets him free.


I’ve got to be honest: I read the first... five or six Shannara books when I was in my early high school fantasy phase, and I absolutely hated them. Now, however, I can’t for the life of me remember why, so I’m going to try to keep an open mind here. I’ll let the Elf-stones fall where they may when the show premieres this January.

H/t to Thomas Dickerson!

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