While the Scream film series will most likely be ending with the 5th installment, MTV is ready to reboot the whole thing and add magic. Huh?

Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin, the two writers behind the very popular TV series Revenge, are presently working on a pilot for MTV's Scream TV series. And so far it sounds completely different than the Wes Craven films. But hey, Teen Wolf eventually worked out, so ehhhhhhh *makes scales with hands*.


We've known about MTV's plans to reinvent the Scream series since last year's Upfront Presentations, and now Harvey Weinstein has reportedly told press in Zurich that the MTV series will have nothing to do with the original series, and probably have supernatural elements. Does that mean ghosts? We hope it's ghosts. The pilot is moving forward and Wes Craven is even in talks to direct. This could either be the best, or the worst. We're cautiously optimistic because horror television is (and always will be) excellent. But then again putting supernatural stuff in Scream kind of misses the whole point of the movie. CONFLICTED.

[via Slashfilm]