MTV releases the insane Liquid Television archives to the masses

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We don't know just how long MTV has been releasing old Liquid TV shorts on their website, but what we do know is that this news is pure, uncut awesome. After years of watching crummy youtubes of the most f-ed up cartoons and shorts ever made, MTV has finally decided to release all the contents of Liquid Television online. Which means, all the Psycho-Grams and Winter Steele episodes you want!


So many wonderful things came from this late night animation and puppet variety show: Æon Flux, Beavis and Butt-Head, heaps of They Might Be Giants music videos, and more. It was just solid crazy-person programming. Just head over to Liquid Television and check it out. (But we've also included a few personal favorites below as well).

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God, Aeon the hell did they fuck that movie up so badly? I mean, to have really done the cartoons justice you would've needed...I dunno, Darren Aronofsky or someone on board, but they surely had to try REALLY hard to process that much raw, beautiful insanity into something so fucking anodyne.