MST3K Robots Pitch New Shows to Netflix, Like Fuller House but With Piles of Bodies

We are smack dab in the middle of TV pick-up season, what with Syfy’s just-announced round of shows and Fox’s The Gifted getting its first teaser trailer, so it’s only natural that Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo from Netflix’s MST3K reboot would want to get in on the action. Only, most of their shows seem to involve murdering vast sums of people.


The Netflix video features Crow and Tom pitching a few show ideas to Netflix CCO (or “cuh-coh,” as Tom likes to put it) Ted Serandos. The suggestions start off stupid but harmless, including a glorified Turducken of Adam Sandler-esque comedians and MST3K Nights... emphasis on the sexiness.

Then, when their backs are against the wall, because Serandos really isn’t on board, they basically start pitching mass murder— like Fullest House, which is Fuller House only with scores of bodies just lying around everywhere. Then, Crow comes up with his biggest idea of the session: Send a bunch of journalists to do an investigative report on the most dangerous place there is... the sun. Sorry, bots, with ideas like that, there’s no way you’re getting a callback.

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Channeling their inner Bender, I see.