Mr. X Sounds Like One Of The Year's Worst Movies. Can't Wait To See It!

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Here’s the trailer for Mr. X, a new movie that rocked the box office in India this past weekend. Similar to the classic superhero drama Mr. India, it’s about a man who gains the power of invisibility, and uses it to take revenge on the bad guys. And find love!


Sadly, Mr. X is getting some (hilariously) bad reviews. Typical headline, “talent, and intelligence, everything is invisible in the film.” Typical quote: “[Director Vikram] Bhatt seems to be happy to not just scrape bottoms of barrels, but to dive head first into a tank of horse plop, scoop out the sludgiest stuff with his bare hands, and serve them to you with flourish while insisting it tastes like peppermint candy.” In other words, this might be a good movie to watch on 4/20, if it’s showing near you.

If nothing else, apparently it features a love story where the girlfriend likes wearing the main character’s shirts. And he gets to kiss her and say the immortal line, “No cold shirt is needed, when a hot guy is here.”


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I kind of want to see the invisible guy in a Bollywood dance sequence. That could be epic.