Mr. Robot Has TV By the Balls! (Also Mr. Robot Is Back)

Your favorite dystopian cyberpunk drama set in the present day is back. The season premiere of Mr. Robot just aired and it was infuriating, hypnotic, purposely oblique, and absolutely wonderful. Also they name-checked Gizmodo.


Phil Collins tried to soothe us while a bank exec torched $5.9 million. It would have been a PR disaster, but fortunately Angela is Evil Corp’s new PR fiend. Besides having boss taste in music she’s really good at stone cold bitching people into doing what she wants—including almost all of the media.

Meanwhile her childhood friend Darlene sobbed in a bathroom before making like George W. and bullshitting her way through an inspirational speech to the newly expanded FSociety, and Eliot introduced us to a new Seinfeld-loving pal who is almost certainly existing entirely in his head. Also, he introduced us to the inside of his head.

Gideon Gill, on the other hand, introduced us to the inside of his throat. The hapless CEO of Allsafe made a terrible friend in a bar and now he’s dead. We’ll miss you, you likable patsy.

Repulsed? Intrigued? Ready for Eliot to get his hands on a computer again? Let’s chat about it below.


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