And now, Mr. Freeze Singing 'Let It Go' From Disney's Frozen

Don't fight it. You knew this was inevitable. Honestly, we're surprised it took this long.

Via creators 2chinTV:

Pixar Animation Studios, the studio behind "Toy Story 3" and "Free Birds," presents "Freezin'," a stunning big-screen comedy adventure. Determined scientist Victor (Arnold Schwarzenegger) sets off on an epic journey—teaming up with his loyal henchmen—to make Gotham City pay for his wife thawing research.

The film is directed by Christoher Nolan ("Batman," "The Prestige") and produced by Michael Uslan ("Swamp Thing"). Featuring music from Golden Globe®-winner Diane Warren ("Space Jam," "Mannequin") and U2.

In this clip... Victor, heartbroken over the freezing of his wife, escapes Arkham Asylum and completes his freeze ray, blanketing Gotham City in ice.


Look, it's well clear by now that the absolute best part of Frozen is Idina Menzel's performance of this ridiculously catchy ballad – but this... there are just no words. Probably our favorite take on the song since this little rendition.

[Via Tastefully Offensive]


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Am I the only person who thinks this song was overly hyped? The lyrics are just, bad. I feel like it was a song written for Katy Perry, rather than one of the great Disney songs of past. I do like the message, I just think the lyrics are not great.