Movie-goer faints during a screening of V/H/S. Again

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It seems that the horror anthology V/H/S has claimed a second fainting victim. During a screening last night at the Nuart Theater in Los Angeles, one audience member fainted during a grisly scene, the same one that caused a viewer to faint at Sundance.


Here's the word from film publicity company Ginsberg/Lilly:

It's been confirmed that an audience member passed out during last evening's 9:40pm screening of the film V/H/S at the Nuart theater in Los Angeles. This is the second confirmed fainting at a screening of V/H/S (the other happened at Sundance). Reports say the fainting caused quite a commotion in the audience, as the man apparently stood up and then proceeded to faint during the same exact scene that caused the Sundance incident. The gentleman who fainted is reported to now be OK.

According to Deadline, the fellow who fainted at Sundance did so "during the first particularly gruesome scene," which leads me to suspect that it happens during the first segment, Amateur Night. You can read our review for V/H/S here. The movie certainly has some scares, but I'm surprised that now two people have passed out while watching it. Although they may be fainting less out of fear than due to queasiness from the gore.


I have a hard time understanding the emotion of fear, I don't want to sound like someone who doesn't understand consequences, but I don't understand when people say they are scared. I can't remember the last time I felt like that, hence I always find horror movies boring.