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How to make vampires sexy again. Step one: Cast Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Step two: Profit.


The first ever trailer for NBC's Dracula is out and it looks RIDICULOUS, in the best possible way. Filled with Meyers crazy sex eyes, neck baring and a collection of fantastically seductive Victorian costumes — this show might be the salvation for television vampires.

Sadly it's not all fangs and lace, there are some questionable NBC slo-mo vampire fighting scenes that look less than awesome. And somehow, the fake night sky during the rooftop antics channels some terrible Cape memories. BUT it still has Meyers, and it's backed by the people who taught him how to historically hump his way through the hottest old-timey sex scenes we've ever seen on The Tudors. So win win. Also, Dracula invented the lightbulb!


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