Move Over, Cowboys & Aliens: Grant Morrison is making a Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens movie

Tired of X Vs. Y movies? Too bad! Now shut up and eat your awesome, because Men In Black director and producer Barry Sonnenfeld has picked Grant Morrison to write him a movie about aliens fighting dinosaurs.

Deadline is reporting that Sonnenfeld and Morrison are developing a graphic novel/movie pitch titled, Dominion: Dinosaurs Versus Aliens! With the help of Liquid Comics, Morrison will pen the graphic novel as well as the script for the film (because what is a comic book these days if not an elaborate storyboard for a film?) We kid, because the premise sounds amazing:

"When an alien invasion attacks Earth in the age of the dinosaurs, the planet's only hope is the giants that roam the planet with - it turns out - a lot more intelligence than previously realized."


But will they talk? No word yet, but I guess we'll find out when the novel hits the press later this year. We eagerly await the 3D splodey trailer, probably showing ahead of Transformers 5: Okay, Okay, We Promise That This One Will Be Better.

Are there any "Versus" movies that can top aliens against dinosaurs? We leave that up to you, kind commenters, to debate.

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