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Move Over Batman — Here's A Real Superhero Bad Boy

You know what today's superheroes need? They need to be more edgy and "bad"... as D-list superhero The Hotness explains in this awesome clip from the latest episode of British superhero sitcom No Heroics. Watching the Hotness try to explain that he's a good guy, but he's also a bad boy — but he's really good at being bad — or something — is refreshing after watching a whole hour of Dark Peter on last night's Heroes. In this episode, the Hotness has decided to try and boost his crappy image by going to a superheroic strip bar full of Wonder Womans. I won't spoil for you exactly how the Hotness' strip-club jaunt turns out, except to say that it turns out those spiky stripper heels are really painful when applied to your soft bits. (And the Hotness is a bit soft all over, really.) Halfway through the show's first season, it's pretty clear that No Heroics gets better the raunchier it gets. The second episode's highlights were pure raunch, especially the bit where Timebomb got a furtive blowjob in the bar's bathroom. And She Force meeting her biggest fan — who has a life-size cardboard stand-up of her with a "peep hole" cut in the crotch area. The show is pitched as a sort of Cheers with superheroes, but it really shines as a superhero sex farce. The rest of episode three is hilarious, but not quite as insane as the strip-club hijinks: Electroclash has to mentor a superpowered juvenile delinquent, who helps her score drugs. And She Force meets a sexy new man, who is just as too-good-to-be-true as you'd expect. It's all pretty great stuff, but the strip club sequences, and the clever satire on the "superhero bad boy" phenomenon, are the high points.

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This series ROCKS!! Seriously, It's like 'The Tick' merged with AbFab, but raunchier.