Last week, we praised Being Human for becoming the supernatural soap we deserved. This week, things got a lot more soapy than supernatural โ€” but the show made up for it with wicked trickery, sad goodbyes and spiritual exercising.


There was a lot that we liked last night on Being Human. So let's go ahead and get the bad out of the way right now.

Nora is pregnant? Oh dear. This is a problem. So let's get this straight: Josh is a werewolf orderly who always wanted to be a doctor (he got into MIT) but is now spending his days taunting himself working as the clean-up guy on what could have been his dream job. He was engaged. His parents basically split after he disappeared to protect his family. His family was broken anyways and always over analyzing him. He has a sister who may or may not have a serious drinking problem and major abandonment issues after her brother's disappearance split her parents. He's afraid to lose control sexually because of his severe lycanthrope-induced anger issues (remember the street tagger he beat the piss out of?) He's awkward. His last crush died in his arms, after she was murdered by a vampire. And he's shy guy with a huge heart. Doesn't Josh have enough on his plate? This character is by far the most developed of the monster roommates, so why not flesh the character issues and background details we've been discovering over time? Do we have to tack on yet another problem? Can't he just deal with what is already in front of him?

The surprise "I'm pregnant and it's YOUR baby plot" is entirely too soap operatic, and just too much. Yes, people do get pregnant, and yes, there have been a whole host of dramas that have excellent pregnancy stories, both regular and supernatural. But this baby felt like just more stuff for Josh to deal with.


Not once did we get the impression that this was a life-changing responsibility that could forever alter this character in a major way. Same for Nora. Sure she said all the right words, but it felt hollow. She's still a bit of a stranger, even though it felt like we were making progress with her last week. This was too big of a bomb to drop on such a distant character.

Sadly, the baby announcement felt much more like "Uh oh, who gave Aidan garlic again!" This is not what adding a baby to a storyline should do. I'm very surprised the show took this twist, after the whole Bernie storyline (something that was executed rather flawlessly).


On a plus note, the baby did give us this excellent dream sequence with a fake baby werewolf (which was very awesome)! So there's always that. In conclusion the werewolf baby just seems unnecessary. Let's hope they give it up for were-adoption. Anyway, that's the bad. Now let's talk about the good.

We love it when a show makes you feel for those you hate. All of the baddies were getting their moment in the spotlight this week. Marcus shared his origins sob story (although he did turn out to be evil from the beginning), The Dutch needed to be saved, and even Rebecca got her redemption. But the true reward has been getting to know Bishop a little better. For the last two episodes, we were lulled into getting onto team Bishop. We met only to find out that he's an evil lunatic who just wants to take over the world. He tricked us with his clever "new school vampire versus old school vampire" argument. Bishop didn't care that The Dutch were old fashioned, he just wanted them gone. And here we were feeling sorry for the blond vampire after his climactic announcement that "tomorrow, I'm going to die." This was great set-up for Bishop to reveal his true bloody colors in an excellent head-chopping scene!

And just like that, we felt sorry for The Dutch, even as they're about to eat a pregnant woman. Aidan picks the lesser of two evils and saves the last remaining member of the old school vampires to tattle on his maker. Will this end with more blood? We certainly hope so. But we definitely don't want to see Bishop turn to ash just yet, he's too good of an actor. We raise a wrist to you sir!


Speaking of being sad vampires, how about Rebecca's big farewell? While she was a bit of a vamp in the beginning of this season, the character really found her stride in the last two episodes. Something was churning behind those sad eyes. The second she found out that Marcus and Bishop had directly caused the death of her new beloved pet vampire Bernie, something changed in her. No longer was she the sexy but miserable vampire, awkwardly stomping about in the morgue, folding napkins and being generally pissed off. She stepped up her game. And now the city vampires won't have Rebecca to kick around any more. We were sad to see her go. It may have taken some time to get to know this character but it was worth it, if just for the vampire porn DVD and the child vampire story. Farewell Rebecca, hopefully your sad exit will only prompt Aidan make bad decisions, we think we like him more when he's evil (or maybe that's just the hair).

Last, but not least, Sally finally got to confront Danny about her death โ€” sort of. Danny and new girlfriend Bridgette hired an exorcist to kick Sally out of the house where she died, thus ridding Danny of the last scrap of evidence of his misbehavior. Smart move for them, and it almost worked. But the whole thing backfired as Sally learned she could jump into the psychic's body, filling the human's head with her thoughts and getting a chance to physically attack Danny. We didn't spend too much time with Sally, but I suspect that things are really going to pick up next week as Sally and Danny are now alone and the ghost girl is pissed. Did you catch the scene where she simply looks over her left shoulder, all vein-pulsed and glassy-eyed? Great makeup, and scary as hell acting for a show that is more about the drama than the thrills.


So for the first time ever, we're looking forward to Sally's story more than that of the two boys.