In this, the first (and last) installment in our Motivational Metaphor Monday Series, nature, red in beak and talon, descends upon a sika deer in the form of an exceptionally ambitious golden eagle. Daunted by the work week ahead? Look to this eagle for guidance.

New Scientist has the lowdown on this spectacular image, which appears in a recent issue of The Journal of Raptor Research:

The scene, which is the first documented case of such an attack, was captured at the Lazovsky State Nature Reserve in southern Russia by a camera trap used to monitor Siberian tigers. Linda Kerley from the Zoological Society of London and her colleagues working on the project were surprised to find photos of the encounter during a routine equipment check. "It's the first time I've seen anything like it," says Kerley. "It's rare for golden eagles to snatch up deer."


Remember, dear readers: in work, school, life, whatever – BE LIKE THE EAGLE.

The Journal of Raptor Research via New Scientist