Feeling a little blue? Well the Motivational Megafauna want you to turn that frown upside-down and learn to love yourself. And if you happen to recall which one is a Procoptodon and which one is a Smilodon tomorrow, they will be simply delighted.


Bethany Hughston drew these happy giant critters, with the tagline, "Motivational Megafauna, they’re extinct but they are proud of you." So whenever you start getting down on yourself, just remember that somewhere, in some era, there's a mammoth who is sending you positive thoughts.

See the rest of the Motivational Megafauna on Hughston's Tumblr.

Motivational Megafauna [via It's Okay to Be Smart - Also posted to O-Deck by Artiofab, who notes that the tiny Eohippus doesn't really count as megafauna]

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