Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

This morning's trundling spoiler-bot is carrying the first images of the Adipose, the monsters in the Doctor Who season premiere, plus a mixture of rock-solid info and daft rumors about Who season four. There's also an early review of the World War Z movie script, and some new details about the filming of an upcoming Lost episode. And a hint about X-Files 2. Most of all, we've stumbled on a huge trove of leaks/rumors about Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse. Click through for ultimate spoilers!

X-Files 2

Mulder and Scully's baby William "will not go unconsidered" in X-Files 2, says director Chris Carter. [IF Magazine]


World War Z

Ain't It Cool News has a review of J. Michael Straczynski's movie script adapting Max Brooks' book zombie-battle book World War Z. It's a Children of Men-esque look at the ruined post-zombie world, as Gerry takes an assignment to travel around and document what went wrong in the zombie outbreaks. We see how difficult travel has become, including strip-searches and blood tests, and Gerry travels to China to talk to Dr. Tsai about an encounter with zombies at New Dachang. We learn that a mixture of bureaucracy and flawed military strategy made the situation worse. As Gerry interviews more survivors, we realize that people are starting to question whether just having survived is any kind of victory. There's also a brutal subplot about black-market organs. [Ain't It Cool]


Here's a ton of leaked spoilers/rumors about Joss Whedon's new show Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku: The Dollhouse, home of the amnesiac "dolls" who can be anyone or anything, is in Los Angeles. There are two types of "dolls," Actives and Inactives. Dushku's character, Echo, is an Inactive.


In one scene, Adelle, the "ice queen" who runs the Dollhouse, meets with a Senator who's considering "buying" an Active doll to use as an "escort." She convinces the Senator the Active will be better than any human escort, because the emotions will be real to the "doll" and she'll be programmed to want it as much as he does.

The geek who programs the dolls, Topher, calls Echo's "handler" Boyd, because he's noticed that a group of the mind-wiped dolls has sat together at lunch at the same table for the third time within a week. Dushku's character, Echo, seems to be initiating this clique, which means she may be evolving beyond her mind wipes. There is definitely something unusual about Echo, compared to the other "dolls." If Adelle the boss finds out, she'll have Echo killed.

Topher the geek and Boyd the handler have differing opinions about their work. Topher believes it's purely programming and sort of morally wrong (even though he enjoys doing it.) But Boyd thinks it's healthy for the "dolls" to get to experience every possible human emotion through their programmed personalities. [Blank_Dolls community]


Doctor Who

Some new bits of info have leaked out about Doctor Who season four. The Agatha Christie episode attempts to explore the real-life mystery of Christie's two-week disappearance.

Meanwhile, Steven Moffat's two-parter set in the giant deserted library features "data ghosts," plus a menacing entity called the Suit Creature, which may be sort of like Moffat's "Empty Child" from back in season one. Also, the library's air swarms with flesh-melting piranha called the Vashta Nerada, and the library is full of dead bodies. ER's Alex Kingston plays an Indiana Jones-esque archeologist.


And there are more rumors that Dalek creator Davros will be back. Also, completely iffy rumors that the prehistoric Sea Devils, the Axons and jolly rogue Sabalom Glitz will put in appearances. [TeleWatcher]

Meanwhile, in "Planet of the Ood," we learn what drove the Ood to become a servant race. And in "The Sontaran Strategem," the cloned warrior Sontarans show up on Earth looking for their longtime enemies the Rutans. And then, supposedly, the Sontarans use mind-control on some soldiers from the alien-fighting organization UNIT, and they take the Doctor's friend Martha Jones away to be cloned. But then more UNIT soldiers show up to rescue her. [DoctorWhoForum]

Here's a source claiming that Davros doesn't show up at all. Instead, we get John Simm's version of the Master back again, in a "botched regeneration. [Stuff On TV]


And remember the Adipose? Those weird aliens in the season opener, who use diet pills to turn fat people into alien babies? Well, here are early special effects shots of them. (Not entirely sure what's happening to the woman whose cleavage we see in one shot.) Stephen Regelous, who developed the Massive FX technology used to create crowd scenes in the Lord of the Rings movies, used it to create these swarms of Adipose. [SFX]




Lost is filming some scenes at the "Santa Rosa Mental Institute" where Future Hurley is a patient, and Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia were both there, along with Jack's truck. Since we recently had a casting call for a doctor appearing in episode 10, these scenes could be from that episode... but it was rumored to be a Kate-centric outing. So it's possible this episode will feature all of the Oceanic 6. [Spoilers Lost]