Most Pathetic Sasquatch Ever

Bigfoot movies don't get much sillier than Snow Beast, the 1977 TV movie about a mutant Bigfoot attacking a small town during its Winter Carnival. Here are our favorite Snow Beast moments, including the "deadly log rolling attack."


I love how the logs roll down the hillside and everybody just stands there watching them roll and going, "Uh, I guess we should step a few feet back to get out of the way of those logs." Until suddenly the logs knock over a Winnebago and impale a guy. Also great is the way the Bigfoot can't handle a flimsy barn door, and the way he carefully impales himself on a ski pole.

This movie's liberal use of "Bigfoot cam," which at one point just consists of the ski pole bobbing around on the camera for like three minutes as the Bigfoot dies slowly from ski-impalement, is pretty classic too. We only glimpse the creature a few times — which is probably a good thing considering how cheap it looks.


But this film also has great dialogue, including "Why are you being so facetious?" and the whole "You hired me to kill Bigfoot. Talk about friendship" scene in the hot tub. I think all conversations about slaughtering Bigfoot should take place in a sauna —- it's just more dramatic that way.

Here's the whole movie:


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