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Wondering just how much more interactive comics can become? Why not let Most Excellent Superbat tell you himself, thanks to the wonders of the internet and social media.

Most Excellent Superbat - or @mosexsbat, if you want to speak Tweet - is a member of the Super Young Team, who made their first appearances in last year's Final Crisis series from DC Comics, before spinning out into their own series this week, Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance... which, instead of being filled with traditional narration, is filled with Tweetover narration, including "These clubbers don't even have superpowers. Worthless" and "I don't believe in ghosts" (followed by "But I'm also the sanest superhero I know").


Of course, you can't mention Twitter in a story without making sure that the thing exists in real life, and sure enough here it is, although the entries don't match up yet. As Dance continues to satirize the commodification of superheroes and pop culture, here's hoping that Superbat's Tweet stream continues to satirize multimedia cross-platform promotion... or at least spoil upcoming stories for us.

Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1 [DC Comics]

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