Most Embarrassing Deleted Scenes from Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies

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We heard about all the scenes that were cut from Star Wars for years. And then, with the Blu-ray release, we finally got to see all of them... and we learned just why they were cut in the first place.


Here are our picks for the most embarrassing or horrifying deleted scenes from science fiction or fantasy movies.

Watching deleted scenes from your favorite movies can be a downer, as you discover that these movies weren't just naturally perfect. There were terrible mistakes, which luckily got sliced out of the film with a giant scalpel — but still, you can't help seeing everything that came before in a terrible new light. So why not ruin your appreciation for some great (and not so great) films? Here we go...

Who knew Xenomorphs could crab-walk? And maybe they shouldn't.

Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd are bums, wandering through Central Park, when Rick Moranis is running from a gargoyle creatures.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit:
Eddie's bizarre trip (in more ways than one) through Toon Town.

You can see why this scene of brotherly love got cut... it goes on a bit too long, and some of the sibling rivalry gets a bit over the top, like Loki mocking Thor's helmet-feathers and Thor mocking Loki's cow helmet.

The lost "love scene" between Tron and Yori, in which Yori turns Tron on, by pushing his glowy white squares until they light up.

Blade Trinity:
Ryan Reynolds does improv. Be very scared.

Alternate ending, before they decided to go with the much better final swordfight.

The Fly:
Cats and baboons don't mix.

Bruce Almighty:
Weirdest Close Encounters tribute ever. Not that Jim Carrey would ever be embarrassed, at least.

The infamous "super sperm" scene, where Hancock goes all Larry Niven on his date.

Terminator 3:
At least this one is intentionally silly, as we meet the original human model for the famous Terminators... but jeez, Arnold Schwarzenegger's Southern accent is really insane.

Terminator 2:
There's a reason Terminators don't smile. Again with Arnie stepping outside his comfort zone, acting wise.

Terminator 2:
The famous epilogue, in which Cameron gives way to his propensity for total cheesification.

The Terminator:
Here are 10 minutes of deleted scenes, some of which are pretty great — but others of which show that Cameron does get a bit carried away with the cheese factor. And you have to love Sarah Connor teaching Kyle Reese about foot long hot dogs.

Batman Forever: Batman stumbles into a remake of Showgirls. Or some kind of John Waters nightmare.

Batman Forever:
Dick lives up to his name.

Lord of the Rings:
The "drinking contest" scene — included in the special edition, but not in the theatrical release.

Superman IV:
It's hard to argue that these deleted scenes are worse than the actual movie, to be fair. But they are pretty dire. Including the creation of Nuclear Man! See more here and here.

Superman III:
Some incredible "flying baby" slapstick here.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen:
Because what we really needed was more stoned Mama Witwicky. You may have to click over and watch this one on Youtube.

Star Trek: Nemesis:
We wish we could have seen Wil Wheaton in the actual movie, since it would have been a nice nod to the show's history — but Wesley's whole "wedding pick-up artist" routine doesn't actually quite work.

Spider-Man 2:
J. Jonah Jameson does Spidey cosplay. Uh... why?

Incredible Hulk
You can see why Marvel wanted to cut this movie down. Every time Ed Norton and Liv Tyler stop and talk about their feelings, it's like a table saw is slicing your intestines.

X2: X-Men United:
Claremont wishes he wrote dialogue as sharp as this. "Maybe it's just that Logan's back in town." "Yeah, maybe it is — NOT!"

X-Men: The Last Stand
Beast recites Shakespeare — AKA, Kelsey Grammer's mouth grows to the size of a Buick so he can chew all the scenery at once.

Star Trek: Generations:
Geordi and another officer lead all the children on the Enterprise into some crew quarters to shelter during the big crash sequence, and Geordi instructs the children to make a tent out of blankets to shield themselves from falling debris. Uh... just how strong are the blankets on the Enterprise anyway?

Star Trek: Generations:
Alternate take of the Kirk/Picard horseback discussion, in which Picard seems kind of bored by Kirk's horseback meanderings, until he finally barks, "Come back with me!"

Star Trek: Generations:
And then there's the original Kirk death scene... Guh.

Star Trek (2009):
Kirk's unhappy childhood... we really only needed to glimpse this via the Greg Grunberg voiceover in the "stolen car" sequence. The full-on Uncle Frank experience is kind of heinous. You may have to click over to Youtube to watch this one.

The extended version of the Jake/Neytiri love scenes, with 100 percent more hair sex. Sorry about the picture quality.

The "Neytiri's preggers" moment, with unfinished VFX. It's at 3:54 in this video.

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Craig Michael Ranapia

OK, I'm going to risk the wrath of Cameron here but... Jimmy, the suits were right. I prefer the theatrical cut of Aliens without the LV-426 sequence - not because it's a heinous insult to celluloid (it isn't) but because it's totally redundant. If nobody stmbles over the Alien Dildo and gets face-humped, we don't have a film. It's a nice scene, I can get why Cameron was so attached to it, but it kills the pace and energy of a film that depends on going off like a nuclear-powered rollercoaster and not slowing down.