Morrison And McGuigan Team For Twin Peaks-Style Fantasy

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Push director Paul McGuigan has let slip a couple of details about the British television fantasy series he's working on with comics writer Grant Morrison, calling it "Twin Peaks meets Brigadoon".


Talking to the Live For Films website, McGuigan said,

Grant Morrison and myself are working on, I wouldn't call it a secret project, but a project with Stephen Fry and it's a thriller set in Scotland. Me and Grant have been friends for a while and we wanted to do something together and Grant went off and wrote a treatment, so it's at the treatment stage at the moment... It's seven episodes. It takes place over seven days around an event that happens in Scotland. It's a modern take on an old fable or fairy story. If you know Grant's work you might have an idea of what it will be like. It's like Twin Peaks meets Brigadoon! It's off the wall and smart but in a watchable commercial way. It's still in the early stages but I'm very excited about it.


Morrison is obviously in Magical Realism mode recently, between this and his current Joe The Barbarian series for Vertigo; the mention of Brigadoon does make us wonder if we'd see more of the exaggerated British stereotypes that've been populating his current Batman and Robin storyline, as well.

This isn't the first time Morrison has tried to write for British television; he adapted the opening of his Invisibles comic for BBC Scotland in the 1990s, but the project never made it to screen. Given McGuigan's experience and connections - he's currently working on the modern day Sherlock Holmes series co-created by new Doctor Who showrunner Stephen Moffat - we're hoping this new series has better luck making it through the process.

Paul McGuigan talks modern day Sherlock Holmes, Deathlok, Bond, Grant Morrison and more [Live For Films] (Thanks, Phil!)


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You had me at "Twin Peaks." Seriously, describing anything as being like Twin Peaks gets me all knock-kneed & giddy.