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Morpheus Raises The Bar On Robert Rodriguez's Predators

Illustration for article titled Morpheus Raises The Bar On Robert Rodriguezs Predators

We're all skeptical about Robert Rodriguez's Predators, in the wake of Adrien Brody and Topher Grace's casting. But a new casting report should ease your fears: The one and only Morpheus is ready to kick a little alien butt.


Collider announced that Laurence Fishburne would be joining Robert Rodriguez team as a character named Noland. So far, there are no details about his character, but having Fishburne around is never a bad thing. We'll take the red pill, wake up tomorrow, and hope that Predators is, in fact, the fantastic movie it deserves to be.

Perhaps Laurence Fishburne may take up the character Stans, who is a prisoner with a shaved head, neck tattoo, but that is all merely speculation at this point.

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Morpheus nothin! He'll always be Cowboy Curtis or Mr. Clean to me.

Seriously, that guy's had such a strange career.