Morena Baccarin Will Steal Your Heart, But Walter Bishop Will Steal Your Baby

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Will scaly reptiloid Anna have a pixie cut like her human suit does? Let's table such pressing questions for a hot second and focus on this week's TV. Brace yourself for new episodes of V, Fringe, Smallville, and Stargate Universe!


MONDAY 3/29/10

Chuck's on with "Chuck Versus the American Hero" at 8 PM on NBC. Chuck needs to get Sarah back - luckily, he's got a trifecta of help in the guises of Morgan, Casey, and Awesome.

Monday also scored The What To Watch Futurama Episode Of The Week! The episode? "The Series Has Landed." Four words: "whalers on the moon." With Futurama coming back this summer, promenade down memory lane with this here 30 minutes. (1 AM, Comedy Central)


Speaking of nostalgia, there's a rerun marathon of the original V from 8 AM to 11 PM on Syfy. Syfy also boasts two new episodes of Monster at 11 & 11:30 PM. Also, Anderson Cooper 360 is beginning week-long coverage of Battlefield Earth author L. Ron Hubbard's extracurriculars with Scientology: A History of Violence (10:00 PM, CNN, Monday-Friday).

Late Night: Elizabeth Mitchell on Jimmy Kimmel Live (12:00 AM, ABC).

TUESDAY 3/30/10

Lost soldiers on with "The Package (9 PM, ABC). Sun and Jin search for each other, and Sayid's feeling uncomfortably numb. And my goodness is Flocke quippy, even if he is just a morally ambiguous death-cloud.

V is back with Welcome to the War (10 PM, ABC). Erica is NOT amused. I think she's releasing all that pent-up anger from getting blown up by a hydrogen bomb a couple weeks back. Anna also has some questions for Chad about his aneurysm, and Ryan has some questions for Val about her pregnancy.

There's also a new Survivors ("Greater Love." 9 PM, BBCA) and another V marathon (including V: The Final Battle) from 8:30 AM to 10 PM.


Human Target airs at 8 PM on Fox with Tanarak - Chance goes to Alaska to investigate a missing doctor and confront a suspicious industrial conglomerate.


In the latest Ugly Americans, "Demon Baby," Mark becomes the foster dad to a hellspawn infant, kicking Callie's devil-mama instinct into overdrive. Also, Twayne grows a semi-phallic spike out of his torso (Comedy Central, 10:30 PM).

Preview - Three Hole


Late Night: Anna Torv on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson (12:37 AM, CBS)


New FlashForward with "Better Angels" (8 PM, ABC) - Demetri and the gang muck around Somalia, and Olivia tries to get Charlie to fess up what she knows about the enigmatic D. Gibbons. Scowl, Mark Benford, scowl!

Fringe boomerangs back this spring with "Peter" (9 PM, Fox). Walter reveals Peter's dimensionally screwball past to Olivia, and we get to meet Peter's mother.

New Vampire Diaries ("There Goes the Neighborhood," 8 PM, CW) Elena and Stefan double date with Caroline and Matt. Needless to say, shit gets awk.

Supernatural regales us with "Dark Side of the Moon" (9 PM, CW). Sam and Dean die this episode. No really, they get shot and sashay up to Heaven. Bummer.

As for left-field movie picks we have Spaceballs at 8 PM on AMC and Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li at 6:45 PM on HBO. C'mon, you know you want to see how much of a train wreck it is.


National Geographic Channel is also airing three new oddball programs this evening Naked Science: Hunt for Aliens (8 PM), Nazi Secret Weapons (9 PM, it's about Hitler's Fritz X bomb), and Known Universe: Cosmic Collisions at 10 PM. The latter is about cosmic apocalypses on a scale beyond our puny mortal kens.

Late Night: Sam Worthington on The Late Show With David Letterman (11:35, CBS)

FRIDAY 4/2/10

Smallville is back from hiatus with "Escape" (8 PM, CW). Tess vs. Zod! Clark and Lois at a bed and breakfast! Kryptonite! Drama!

Stargate Universe resumes this spring with "Space" (9 PM, Syfy). Those darn communication stones pull a fast one on Col. Young's consciousness.

On Cartoon Network, there's Batman: The Brave and the Bold ("The Power of Shazam," 7:30 PM) and Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Bounty Hunters," 9 PM).


There's also a new episode of Merlin ("The Curse of Cornelius Sigan," 10 PM, Syfy) and Beyond Re-Animator (Midnight, IFC).

Slim pickings for the weekend. Spend your free time fantasizing about the new Doctor Who episodes slated to air Saturday 4/17/10. Sunday does bring a new Breaking Bad ("I.F.T.," 10 PM, AMC).


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Is there a law that says that Mark Sheppard has to appear on every sci-fi show at least once? Not that I'm complaining or anything...