More videos of unexplained "apocalypse sounds" roaring out of nowhere

Earlier this year, dozens of reports were rolling in from all over the world about incredibly loud sounds like airplane engines coming out of the sky with no explanation. Some call them "apocalypse sounds," and others "Earth sounds." Either way, when you hear them, they are downright scary.


Now the folks at UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock have unearthed two more vids online — one of a sound in Germany recorded earlier this month, and another from a freaked-out woman in Florida in March, who heard the noise over her house.


via UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock

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I love conspiracy theories. Not because I actually think 99.99999999999% are true but because the community that surrounds them is fascinating from a sociological perspective.


That is a link to a thread on one the largest conspiracy websites about the clip from Canada. I believe it encapsulates very well the bat shit insanity of the conspiracy community, but also the intelligence, hard work and research that also exists.

Beware. By following the link you will be entering a rabbit hole that can be as much a time sink as TV Tropes.