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More Rumors About Patrick Stewart's Potential Return to Star Trek

Make it so, number one.
Make it so, number one.
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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Todd McFarlane wants a wild Spawn/Venom crossover movie. Laurence Fishburne offers an intriguing connection between his Ant-Man and the Wasp character and the film’s villain. HBO’s Watchmen has cast a huge star. Plus, what’s to come on The 100, more hints about Arrow’s new status quo, and teasers for Nightflyers. Spoilers, engage!

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The Wrap reports Toby Kebbell has been cast as the film’s techno-fetishist villain, Ax—which may-or-may-not be spelled with with an additional ‘e’ in the movie.



THR reports Rebel Wilson is slated to star in a movie adaptation of the yet-to-be-released Image comic book series, Crowded, from writer Christober Sebela. Set in a near-future Los Angeles, the series concerns a popular new app called “Reapr” which allows users to crowdfund the assassinations of unpopular celebrities.

Venom vs. Spawn

Speaking with Comic Book, Todd McFarlane revealed he wants to pitch a crossover movie between Venom and Spawn to Sony.

Here’s a big “What If.” What if Sony distributes Spawn? Then is it possible that in the future Sony could have a crossover with Venom and Spawn? It’s possible. So, I will be presenting that possibility to the Sony executives when we get ready.

My conversation with them would be, why wouldn’t you? Here’s what I know. Let’s say Venom is huge — I hope it is — then no matter who distributes Spawn, the first thing you will see in every trailer will be, “From the co-creator of Venom.” So, then my question to Sony is, why would you let one of your competitors use that line, given that it was your effort that made Venom work? Your money that made Venom work? Your marketing that made Venom work? I think it’s worth asking, then, what happens if they both work? And then what happens ten years down the line, when they want to do a Spawn/Venom crossover and they get the guy who helped create both those characters to direct it? Might be kind of cool.


Space Jam 2

Basketball Society Online reports Lebron James plans to debut the Space Jam 2 trailer on after announcing his new NBA team contract on Instagram’s newly-launched TV app.


Ant-Man & The Wasp

During the red carpet world premiere of Ant-Man & The Wasp, Laurence Fishburne described the Ghost as a “surrogate daughter” to his character, Bill Foster.

I have this sort of surrogate daughter, this character called Ghost played by Hannah John-Kamen who is incredible, and we sorta have a father-daughter thing going on.

In a separate interview, Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito described the Ghost as a “very different” sort of villain than Thanos or Killmonger.

It was our producer Stephen Broussard and Peyton Reed and our writers who’re looking for a different kind of villain, a different, unique villain. We knew this film will be coming off of Thanos, will be coming off of Killmonger, how do we find a villain that is very different and very unique and when people see the movie, I think they’ll see that we found it in Ghost.

[Heroic Hollywood]

It: Chapter 2

In a recent interview with Indiewire, Jessica Chastain praised It: Chapter 2 and the horror genre in general for its focus on great female characters.

I actually love the horror genre. The horror genre really has great female characters. I’m very happy to work again in a genre that actually has empowered women. And in that genre, you usually see the person surviving at the end being the lady. Do you know what I mean? She conquers the monsters or the bad guys, and she walks away at the end.


Star Trek

Set your phasers to skeptical, but following on from the recent shocking rumors that one of several new Trek shows in development could see the return of Patrick Stewart as the venerable Captain Picard, British tabloid The Mirror reports the actor is “close to securing a deal.According to the paper’s anonymous sources, a “verbal agreement” has been made between Stewart and CBS, and just the finer points of his deal are left to be made.



Deadline reports Jeremy Irons has joined the cast in a currently undisclosed, but “lead” role in HBO’s continuation of the beloved graphic novel.


Lost in Space

Sibongile Mlambo (who plays the Resolute survivor, Angela) has been promoted to series regular when Lost in Space returns for its second season at Netflix. [Deadline]



That Hashtag Show reports Riverdale is now casting the role of outsider Evelyn Evernever from the Little Archie comic book series. The character description seems to reinterpret Evernever as either Betty’s personal Mr. Mxyzptlk, or (more likely) Hedra Carlson.

EVELYN EVERNEVER Female, Late Teens – Early 20’s to play Late Teens, Open Ethnicity. Otherworldly, seemingly omnipresent, and a bit odd. She’s eager to befriend Betty, and is surprisingly insightful for her age, but may be hiding dark secrets about herself. (While not required, a possible direction for the role is a girl who is physically reminiscent of “Betty”.) MAJOR RECURRING GUEST STAR.



The season seven premiere is titled “Inmate 4587, according to Beth Schwartz on Twitter.


Legends of Tomorrow

An official synopsis from San Diego Comic-Con reveals the Legends will battle “fugitives” from myth, fairy tales, and legend in season four.

After defeating Mallus by cuddling him to death with a giant stuffed animal named Beebo, the Legends were ready to ease off the gas. That was until Constantine arrived to inform them that, in solving one major problem, they have created another, much larger one. When the Legends let time crumble in order to release and defeat Mallus, the barrier between worlds softened. History is now infected with “Fugitives” – magical creatures from myths, fairytales, and legends. Having been expelled throughout time by people like Constantine, these Fugitives are now returning to our world in droves and making a real mess of things. So when all hell breaks loose, who ya gonna call? That’s right, the Legends!



The 100

Octavia is on her deathbed in the trailer for July 10th’s return episode, “Sic Semper Tyrannis.


Finally, Bronte Charmichael’s character, Skye D’Branin, threatens the crew with a violent mantra in a new trailer for Syfy’s Nightflyers.

Banner art by Jim Cooke.


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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A Lantern of Hope

Speaking with Comic Book, Todd McFarlane revealed he wants to pitch a crossover movie between Venom and Spawn to Sony.”

Or, they could save time and effort and just literally flush their money down a toilet.