More Proof That Astronauts Ruin Everything

CG picture Planet 51 flips the first-contact story around, with a human astronaut visiting a xenophobic alien society (burger grilling and all!). But their Alien rip-off dogs are real acid-pissers, as this trailer shows.

Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) is the voice of Chuck, the lonely astronaut exploring this new alien world, or Planet 51. There's a pretty hefty list of actors lending their voices to this project including Jessica Biel, Justin Long, John Cleese and Gary Oldman.


Will Chuck befriend enough alien pals to get off Planet 51 without being discovered by the scared green residents? We'll have to wait and see — the movie hits theaters November 20th.



Goddamn astronauts.

I heard they can't even eat cheeseburgers without putting them in a blender first.

And I don't want them defying gravity in front of my kids.