Battlestar Galactica has always prided itself on being a different type of TV show, whether it's a break from the sterile SF of Star Trek, a political show devoid of West Wing-style earnestness or even just a show that has very, very bad bald wigs for their characters undergoing chemotherapy. But, says the Hollywood Reporter, now it's a different type of show for an entirely different reason: It has actually gained viewers in the last year.

According to the Reporter:

Seven episodes into its fourth season, the show is up 4% among adults 18 to 49 (averaging 1.4 million viewers) compared to the show's "Season 3.5" 2007 run. When you factor only episodes that have full-seven days of DVR use available, the show is up 18%. Total viewers (2.1 million) are up even more. Also: Last season the show aired on Sunday nights, a night with higher audience levels. Why this is interesting: "Battlestar" been on a downward ratings trend the past few years. Serialized shows, as many have pointed out, do not usually gain in the ratings.


The real question seems to be, why is the show gaining viewers for a season so continuity heavy and without obvious jumping-on points? And the real answer may have something to do with the fact that, unless you're willing to risk being spoiled by internet sites like.. us, you pretty much have to watch it on television now that Hulu is delaying putting the episodes online for eight days after broadcast (A decision that's not going over so well with the internet faithful).

Alternatively, maybe more and more people are tuning in after hearing Gaeta sing and thinking that the show will go from morally ambiguous drama to American Idol replacement. Sure, he's no David Cook, but who is?

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