More Nathan Fillion Avengers casting rumors. Plus heavy-duty Doctor Who and Futurama spoilers!

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Not only Nathan Fillion, but also Eva Longoria, are rumored for The Avengers. McDreamy could be Doctor Strange. There are major Doctor Who spoilers and tons of Futurama details. Plus Transformers, Piranha 3-D, Airbender, V, Fringe and Smallville spoilers.


The Last Airbender:

The studio released a buttload of high-res images from this film. Which turns out to have a lot of fancy headgear. [Paramount]

The Avengers:

Once again, rumor has it that Nathan Fillion will be in this film — playing Hank Pym, aka Ant-Man. (Note that if we actually ever do get an Ant-Man film, both Pym and his successor Scott Lang would be in it, according to wannabe director Edgar Wright.) But that's not all — rumor-mongers are now saying that Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria will play Hank's wife, Janet Van Dyne, aka The Wasp. As usual with rumors you read on the internet, do not assume that reality will wind up conforming with them. [Comic Book Movie]

Doctor Strange:

Now that Disney is pushing forward with a Sorcerer Supreme movie, there's talk that Patrick Dempsey could play him. (The guy who played McGreevey or whoever, on Grey's Anatomy.) [Bleeding Cool]


Transformers 3:

Want to see more of that scene where a Decepticon tips over an office building? There's another video at the link. [MSN]


Piranha 3-D:

Here's a new poster and some new stills. [ShockTillYouDrop and ShockTillYouDrop]


Doctor Who:

Our very own Bluehinter sent me a boatload of spoilers for the season finale, gleaned from GallifreyBase and some other places, and they're so insanely spoilery and generally radioactive with plot detail that I'm going to do something I pretty much never do, and sequester them. You can read them here. [Thanks Bluehinter!]


And here's a very gloomy clip from the finale.

And a few images from the finale that we didn't show you yet, including River Song kicking some butt. [Who Is Matt Smith]


Matt Smith talks a bit about filming extra scenes during the previous episodes which were meant to go in the finale. And towards the end of the finale, the Doctor has a chat with River Song about the exact nature of their relationship. [BlogtorWho]

Here's a new trailer from the second Adventure Games installment, "Blood Of The Cybermen." Featuring Cybermats!!! [BlogtorWho]

And here are some images from "Blood Of The Cybermen," including those Cybermats. [BlogtorWho]



This killed-too-soon animated classic comes back Thursday. Excited yet? In the first epsiode, Professor Farnsworth brings his crew, who are reduced to skeletons, back to life using an experimental rebirthing techinque. Hermes says, "Oh, mahn, I'm dripping with placenta. Good thing it's casual Friday." One upcoming episode is called "The Silence Of The Clamps," and there's a lot of insane riffing in it. [SFGate]


The season opener starts with the HypnoToad staring at the screen, trying to make you feeling as if the show "had never been canceled by idiots, then brought back by bigger idiots." The reason our heroes are reduced to skeletons is because they've crashed into Earth. The "rebirthing process" involves stem cells. Fry points out that stem cells are controversial (or at least they were in his time.) Farnsworth responds, "These are adult stem cells, harvested from perfectly healthy adults, whom I killed for their stem cells." In a subplot, Bender gets a new power source that forces him to keep partying, or he'll explode, and this culminates with him getting tossed out of a disco, wearing a white suit. There are jokes on the Terminator movies and Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.

In the second episode, Leela crash-lands on an idyllic island with Zapp Branigan, and they spend most of the episode wearing just fig leaves. They were on their way to stop a killer spaceship called V-GINY, which the head of Richard Nixon thinks is posing a threat to Earth. It's already erased another planet "like 18 minutes of tape," Nixon says. [Media Life Magazine]


The first episode's plot revolves, somehow, around robot clones and a urinal camera. And the Fry/Leela on-again, off-again romance is still front and center. In the second episode, there's a protracted gag involving a series of winces by Zapp Branigan. And the crew realizes the Earth needs to change its ways to avoid being destroyed by the planet-censoring V-chip satellite V-GINY, at which point Farnsworth says, with Al Gore-like confidence, "People are sure to clean up their acts when presented with cold, hard facts from rational folks like us." [Phoenix]

Al Gore will be back, in a holiday special that airs between the first and second new seasons. Katee Sackhoff will appear as someone with a very specific alien fetish. Comedians Chris Elliot, Patton Oswalt and Craig Ferguson will show up. And at the end of the season, in the 100th episode, Devo will appear. And Stephen Hawking will be in season two. [Big Shiny Robot]



Olivia's mother will only appear in the other universe (not surprisingly) and she has some startling ties to the Bishop family. [TV Guide]



Remember this show? Of course you do. Elizabeth Mitchell hints that Erica could have a romance with either the defrocked Father Jack or the semi-reformed terrorist Kyle Hobbes. The main thing is, she hopes Erica gets to have romance with someone in the second season. [Fancast]


True Blood:

When Sookie finds out what Bill has been up to at the King's manor house, she'll be ready for some hot primal sex. And Eric's time may have come at last. [TV Guide]



A couple new promos for Syfy's new crazy-town show, not to be confused with their other crazy-town show, Eureka. [Telestrekoza]


Tom Welling speculates/predicts that the granny you glimpsed at the end of the last season was Granny Goodness, and she has a group of young girls around her, aka the Female Furies, ready to do her evil bidding on behalf of Darkseid. [Fancast]


The Gates:

I'm honestly not sure if we should keep including this show in morning spoilers, or drop it like we did Vampire Diaries. Any thoughts? Apathetic murmurs? Random expressions of televisual indigestion? Anything? In any case, the were-pack gets divided after they're forced to cover up a murder. (How many murders are there in this tiny community, anyway?) And meanwhile Nick's dirty past as a Chicago cop comes back to haunt him. [TV Guide]


Here are some promo photos for the episode "The Monster Within". [SpoilerTV]

And some pics from the episode "Breach". [SpoilerTV]

Additional reporting by Mary Ratliff.




Is that robotic sperm in that last Dr. Who pic?

Re: V. Yes, cause that's all that was missing from my sci-fi aliens-enslaving-humanity-resistance show. Romance. Well, thank God they fixed that. Maybe now they can fix the rest.

Re: Smallville. Granny fucking Goodness?! No flight, no suit, but we'll have goddamn Granny Goodness? Someone needs to bitch slap these people.