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More Maxwell Coming Your Way In Get Smart 2

After the good-not-great performance that Get Smart did at the box office — combined with it being one of the only comedies without Seth Rogen in it — it was only a matter of time until the WB locked down Steve Carell for another Smart movie. According to the trades: "The studio is mobilizing a sequel for Carell to return as Maxwell Smart." Plus Carell has a development deal, so he may have more wacky films in the pipeline. As long as they're more like Smart and less like Evan Almighty. [Variety]


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As a fan of the old school series, I was dreading this flick - but then I got a chance to see it for free, so I went anyway. While not the best movie I've seen, I was surprised on how faithful the movie was the original series. And as an added bonus, it was actually, legitimately funny in places. I can't remember the last time I honestly laughed at a movie.