More Jive-Dancing Action With Spider-Man's Funky Parasite

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Venom, the alien creature that latched on to Peter Parker in Spider-Man 3, will get his own solo movie. No word yet whether Topher Grace will be back as Eddie Brock, the guy who replaced Peter as the monster's host. Not to mention whether there'll be more alien-induced dancing and piano playing. But Marvel, which made its own deal with striking writers, has already had meetings with A-list writers about a Venom movie.


But chances are Topher won't actually don the slimy rubber-fetish outfit again. He said last April that he wouldn't be on board for a Venom movie because spin-offs starring Elektra and Supergirl have bombed. He thinks a Venom vehicle would do similarly badly. [IESB]

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Hopefully, this is more of a "Scorpion King" and less of a "Catwoman".

@Sharpless: There's a rumour that it was actually the studio that made him jam four separate movies together.

I cling to that, because in my heart of hearts I would really like to believe that he has more sense than Joel Shuemaker. Three leading villains? No. You can actually watch the movie and see where they ran low on time and writing budget.