More Details on How the American Gods TV Series Will Go Beyond the Novel

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There’s already a ton of stuff in Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods for showrunner Bryan Fuller’s TV adaptation to cover, but now we know the series is going to start delving into less-explored areas of the book’s world of deities—especially, it seems, the mysterious Mad Sweeney.


A new report from Nerdist seems to confirm several hints we heard at the show’s panel at San Diego Comic-Con, mainly about how the show will deliver more of boisterous Leprechaun Sweeney compared to his role in the book—specifically filling in what happened during the time that Sweeney went off on his own adventures.


The site also speculates this could also include another plan Bryan Fuller and Neil Gaiman teased at Comic-Con—namely that Sweeney’s expanded role could also be used to integrate the novels’ “Coming to America” interludes, shining a light on how the various gods in the cast made their way to the U.S. before the events of the book.

And the wait for American Gods to finally premiere on Starz next year just got a little bit harder.

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About a third of the way through the book so far. Really enjoying it. Gaiman has an incredible imagination to have created something so familiar yet so unique.