More Details From One of Game of Thrones' Major New Scenes

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

New Infinity War merchandise gives us a good look at a villain, and Cap’s new weapon. Producer Marc Guggenheim explains just how Wally West finds himself on Legends of Tomorrow. Plus Neil DeGrasse Tyson takes us into the world of Altered Carbon’s immortality-granting tech. To me, my Spoilers!

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Planet Kill

Though not plot details are available, Deadline reports Steven Soderbergh will produce—and possibly direct—a mysterious film titled Planet Kill from writer Scott Z. Burns (Contagion, The Bourne Ultimatum).


Chris Van Allsburg

Jumanji author Chris Van Allsburg has signed a picture deal with 20th Century Fox aiming to “generate new tent poles” based on Allsburg’s catalog of titles, including “his future books and ideas currently in the works.” [Deadline]


Rotten Tomatoes has a sneak peek at the trailer for Skyscraper which airs during the Super Bowl.


Avengers: Infinity War

A tie-in action figure gives us a better look at the film’s take on Proxima Midnight, as well as Captain America’s (presumably temporary) Wakandan shield, given to him during the battle to protect the nation from Thanos’ forces.



A set picture from James Wan depicts Yahya Abdul-Mateen II recording voice loops for Black Manta with the aid of a plastic trash can.



The creepy marketing campaign continues—another new clip can be seen by copying the text in the Tweet below and hitting “decode” at


Mission: Impossible - Fallout

Coming Soon has the first poster.

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Meanwhile, because this is where we’re at with teaser trailer teasers, here’s two tiny snippets from the trailer airing during the Super Bowl this weekend.


Game of Thrones

Belfast Live (via Watchers on the Wall) has more details on yesterday’s reports about filming on the show’s Winterfell sets, which saw the entire castle engulfed in flames. While reconfirming the flames were indeed for filming and not a horrific accident, according to the site, the fiery scenes also included up to 500 extras filming a huge battle scene, rivalling the scale of the loot train attack in season seven or season six’s Battle of the Bastards. So it seems like at least one of the major fights of the final season will ultimately end with Winterfell in ruins.


Legends of Tomorrow

According to producer Marc Guggenheim, Rip Hunter will bring Wally West aboard the Waverider himself.

Wally is brought to the team by Rip Hunter, of all people, and once he meets them, he realizes this is a good group to stay with.


[Entertainment Weekly]


HBO has ordered a new series from J.J Abrams concerning the family of a comatose scientist researching her notes, and winding up “transported to another world amid a battle against a monstrous, oppressive force,” according to THR.


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Speaking with TV Guide, Neil Patrick Harris revealed the third season of A Series of Unfortunate Events will be its last.

We’re three seasons all in. We’ve intentionally been very truthful and factual and loyal to the books. We’ve added a few characters that aren’t in the books, we’ve added some songs that you probably couldn’t put into the books, but for the most part we’re sticking to the structure of what already worked.


Altered Carbon

Finally, a featurette narrated by Neil deGrasse Tyson explores the history of immortality in Altered Carbon.

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Look, I know I’m going to catch shit for this because the title of the article is “Morning Spoilers”. there any way I could, in the most polite possible way, ask that you be a little less explicit with your GoT spoilers in the headlines? When you’re like “An Iconic Location is Decimated” and accompany it with a photo of Sansa, and then the next day, just in case people didn’t immediately make the connection you made extremely obvious, follow it up with a photo of Jon Snow? I don’t even have to click on the article in order to get spoiled.

Now, whether or not Winterfell getting destroyed is some kind of major, it isn’t. But I’m afraid that you’ll be just as obvious when reporting on more surprising spoilers. I know I’m not going to get to S8 unspoiled, but I’d sure like to try my best, and I’d prefer that wasn’t avoiding io9 for over a year. It’s very easy for me to not click on MS, or to rapidly scroll past the spoilers on shows/movies I don’t want to’s really hard to avoid spoilers you put right in the headlines, particularly because they now appear on other sites in the sidebar (and on Twitter, though that’s obviously fixed with an easy unfollow).