More Details About That Mysterious New Jasper Fforde Novel

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Yesterday, in our guide to 2015's science fiction and fantasy books, we included a Jasper Fforde book called Early Riser, which is coming out in June. But what's it about? Now we know.


Image: Snowy range, photo by greg westfall/Flickr.

Fforde actually read from this book and talked about it at BristolCon, and con reporter extraordiaire Cheryl Morgan was there. She reports that it's actually set in a world where humans hibernate, the way bears do, sleeping through the winter. Except that a handful of humans, known as Sleep Marshalls, stay awake and keep watch while everybody sleeps — and the main character of the book is one of these people. And one of the people at the convention was a biologist, whom Fforde was excited to ask for more insights about the process of hibernation.


In any case, it's a really nifty premise, and I'm looking forward to seeing the book. [Cheryl Morgan]

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