More details about Shane Carruth's next mind-bending film!

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Shane Carruth warped our minds with his ultra-low-budget Primer, and now he's back. We caught up with Carruth and he updated us on the progress of his second film, A Topiary, plus new details have leaked out. Spoilers ahead!


So now that there's a website for Carruth's second film, does that mean we're actually going to get to see it? (And, if Primer is anything to go by, rewatch it ten times so we can understand all of the subtle clues?) We finally caught up with Carruth, and he says:

The website for now is just a place mark as financing has yet to be completed. I'm cautiously optimistic that this can happen soon and couldn't be happier with the filmmakers that have committed to the project so far.


Right after we heard back from Carruth, The Playlist blog posted some new details about A Topiary's script. We checked with Carruth, who says it's technically accurate, but not a particularly flattering or appealing description of his storyline. "I know I don't really care to see the story described there, but I would enjoy A Topiary a great deal," says Carruth.

So what did The Playlist reveal? The movie starts with a very fast-paced prologue (which should move really quickly, like a "previously on" montage on a TV show) in which a city municipal worker in the 1980s named Acre Stowe gets involved in investigating mysterious starbursts that he sees in the sky. Stowe meets up with a group of people who are also investigating this phenomenon, and its possible applications ranging from thermochemistry to archaeology.

We then jump to the present day, in a rural town, where a group of ten boys, aged seven to 11, have possession of a mysterious box called a Maker, which creates white disks called Funnels. These Funnels can be formed into different shapes, including petals and fronds, and eventually they turn into sentient, semi-mechanical beings called Choruses.

That's all The Playlist has shared so far, and Carruth is anxious to keep any further details under wraps. But it sounds suitably trippy and weird, and let's hope he gets the rest of the financial backing he's looking for soon.


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God this can't turn up fast enough:) I just watched Primer for about the twelfth time and finally, FINALLY figured it out.