More concept art from Tim Burton and Nic Cage's Superman that never was

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Holy crap, Nic Cage and Tim Burton's Superman movie would have been one demented discotheque! A new crop of concept art from Superman Lives, the failed superhero collaboration between the two, has surfaced. Showing sparkly new suits, Doomsday and more.


Back in October, costume and special effects designer Steve Johnson gave us a special insiders look at the failed Superman movie Superman Lives, starring Nic Cage. Recently, Johnson has released even more images, story boards and concept art designs for that film's villain, Doomsday (via facebook). And we have to admit, even though we're not in love with a lot of the ideas, we're completely consumed by Superman's light-up disco ball suit and the villainous art...


Speaking of Superman movies that ever got off the ground, IESB has a little run-down of Bryan Singer's Supes sequel. What would have happened between Superman, and his new son? Here's a little plot synopsis from IESB, of what could have been:

Superman: The Man of Steel

TMS started just a few years after the incidents that we saw in Superman Returns. Kal-El is doing what Superman does best, Lois Lane is raising her kid Jason, who of course is Superman's child and the world is getting use to having Superman back.

Now there are storyline threads that go back to Superman Returns, one is the on going plot of Superman's original reason of going back to Krypton. He has always wondered if he truly is the last Son of Krypton.

Remember new Krypton that Lex created with crystals he stole from the Fortress of Solitude and Kryptonite that Supes launched into to space that nearly killed him?

So new Krypton continues to grow in space and has become an almost perfect sphere. It is now the size of a small moon.

Besides giving Humans something to admire at night, Earth new satellite has also brought some unexpected attention from a galaxy far, far away.

A massive spaceship arrives Earth's orbit, Superman flys up to meet the spacecraft and we are introduced to our out of this world visitor.

Superman quickly finds out that our visitor is also a Kryptonian survivor who has been traveling the known galaxies and was able to detect Kryptonian technology thanks to our new green/black satellite that has started to orbit the Earth.

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Emma Watson (with her new short hair cut) as Lois Lane sounds wonderful.