More Changes to the Star Wars Original Trilogy on Blu-Ray, Including the Attack on the Death Star!

Yesterday, we shared with you some of the um... controversial changes that are happening in the Star Wars Original Trilogy Blu-ray discs. Like Darth Vader shouting "Noooooooooooo" as he tosses the Emperor. And Obi-Wan's baffling new attack cry.

(And according to the New York Times, a Lucasfilm rep has confirmed the changes are real.)


And now some more changes have cropped up. Like Lucasfilm itself released the above featurette that shows how the attack on the Death Star in Return of the Jedi will be teaked to add more X-Wing fighters. (Thank goodness, there are no changes that we know of to the original movie's Death Star sequence.)

Also, the approach to Jabba's front door will be tweaked somewhat to make the door look massive and fake:

And in a scene in the first movie when R2D2 is hiding behind some rocks, the rocks have now been digitally enlarged so that it makes no sense that Artoo could even have gotten back there:

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Earth to Lucas:

Hire the guy who did the Star Wars: Revisted fan edit. He has done a better job of updating Episode IV with limited resources than Lucasfilm has with orders of magnitude more money to throw at the project. Seriously, how can Lucas make all these pointless changes, but miss adding in the details that actually make the movie look better, such as making sure that the HUGE FREAKING GAS GIANT the Death Star is orbiting around shows up in the background of the battle scenes.