While we may not know exactly what to expect in the final ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica - well, apart from shooting, that is - we now know that we can expect more of it than usual. Talking to reporters at Comic-Con, executive producer David Eick admitted that the final episodes of the show may run slightly longer than usual.How long will these extended episodes run? If Eick isn't exaggerating for effect, now may be the time to get excited:

[We've been] able to convince the network to let us air ... long episodes—[to] take single episodes and make them double episodes, ... [and to take] double episodes and make them quadruple episodes... [T]he story has become so critical in order to realize the arc of the series that we can't just cut stuff out and save it for later or push it 'til next year, the stuff we're used to doing. It's all got to be there.


So does this mean that the final half-season will run more than ten episodes, or that the ten episodes may run twice as long as normal? We'll find out when the show returns at the start of next year. Battlestar Jam-Packs Episodes [SciFi Wire]

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