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Great news for anyone who reads io9 from a mobile, iPad, or biological implant device! Our kickass tech team created spiffy new designs for io9 mobile. Yes, check it right now on your smart nipple! Doesn't it look great?


Also, the great commenter overlords have seen fit to restore heart functionality to comments. No, that doesn't mean organ implants - yet. It must means that you can show your love for awesome commenters by clicking the heart next to their comments. In-thread that red heart on the right will indicate who you've friended as you scroll down, allowing you to focus in on selected commenters — so technically you could page through a long thread keeping an eye out for your friends (or troublemakers). You can easily un-heart-click anyone, too (a second click), and there's no indication of that unless a commenter is truly obsessive over watching their numbers.

The full usernames and avatars of who has friended and who has followed you are accessible from links in the "Friends and Followers" display, and you can click easily into people's profiles from your list. Append "/friends" or "/followers" to your user profile to bring up these pages fast. Those "following" you who you've also friended will show red-hearted; followers you have not friended back show a sad, empty white heart.


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