Monster Hunter's First Trailer Brings the Big Monsters (and Big Swords)

Milla making good use of demon mode on those dual blades.
Gif: Sony
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Although, Milla Jovovich herself could stand to have some bigger swords. Having two swords doesn’t make up for it!

After months of teases, Sony has dropped the first official trailer for Monster Hunter, Paul W.S. Anderson’s adaptation of the beloved Capcom video game franchise. Not a direct adaptation of the, well, monster-hunting game series, the movie stars Jovovich as Captain Artemis, a U.S. military officer who finds herself and her unit transported to a strange world of giant beasts after a mysterious sandstorm.

From there, we actually get some pretty faithful Monster Hunter goodness, including Tony Jaa as looking like he stepped right out of Monster Hunter World firing off his bow and wielding that truly delightful giant sword. But there are the monsters themselves, too, giving us looks at the likes of Diablos and Rathalos as Artemis and her team adapt to the new world they find themselves in. It looks like some good, silly fun, if not exactly a 1:1 take on the games.


Monster Hunter is set to hit theaters, somehow, in December.

Update 10/14/2020, 3:26 p.m. ET: The international trailer has also just been released with a few alternate looks.

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