The summer's most anticipated monkey movie, Space Chimps, goes for the really low-hanging fruit (sorry) when it comes to scifi humor. Either the whole movie is full of jokes like this cheesy "Space, the final frontier" routine, or they just packed all those moments into the trailer to reassure the grown-ups they'll have something to giggle at while their kids laugh at the funny monkeys. In any case, chances are you'll enjoy Space Chimps for the kid-reasons — funny slapstick, wormhole rollercoaster — rather than the grown-up" humor. Luckily the kid stuff looks pretty great. Click through for details.

Here's the official plot synopsis:

When a $5 billion NASA probe disappears into an intergalactic wormhole, the agency recruits Ham III, the grandson of the first chimpanzee in space, to help retrieve the wayward craft. But Ham is a free-spirited circus performer, more interested in in zero gravity hijinks than living up to his illustrious heritage. The simian slacker becomes a reluctant hero and and learns the true meaning of courage as he and his crewmates, the fearless Lt. Luna and their uptight commander, Titan, risk everything in an effort to save the peaceful inhabitants of a distant planet from an evil dictator.


Space Chimps includes the voices of Andy Samberg, Stanley Tucci, Cheryl Hines and Patrick Chenoweth. [Space Chimps official site]

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