Monkeybone Hatred Reigns in "Meet the Creators" Panel for "Journey to the Center of the Earth"

At the panel about Journey to the Center of the Earth, Brendan Fraser was on hand, along with producer Charlotte Huggins, "3D expert" Ed Marsh. Brendan Fraser spent most of the time extolling the virtues of James Cameron's new Fusion camera system, which they used to make this. Despite being sick, Fraser spent a lot of time talking to fans and joking about the movie, which he gleefully described like this: "They fall into a hole, they try get out of a hole — that's the movie! We needed some carnivorous plants in there to give them something to do!" Find out more.

  • Brendan hadn't read the original Journey book and went out to find a copy at his local Borders. He found the last copy in a Jules Verne anthology.
  • He found out that during World War I, soldiers on all sides of the conflict it was being read by soldiers in the trenches in multiple translations.
  • He compared the first version of the script he saw to a three-day old smorgasborg, "It would give you indigestion because so many people had already been going through it." So he pitched a new version to director Eric Brevig, and they made extensive changes to the script, returning it closer to Verne's original version.
  • Fraser remembered being wowed by the computer-generated knight coming out of the stained glass window in Young Sherlock Holmes, and we now take amazing effects for granted.
  • They were able to view "morninglies" and "nightlies" since they were shooting with digital cameras, instead of viewing them once at the end of the day, or the next day, which is traditionally how it happens.
  • 60% of the film has digital enhancements and CGI elements of some kind.
  • Brendan's favorite films from his own career are: Gods and Monsters, The Quiet American, The Mummy, and George of the Jungle.
  • He went on to say "I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize for Monkeybone," and he called it an "$80 million dollar arthouse film."
  • When a fan asked Brendan what advice he'd give to an up and coming actress, he said "I'll give you the same three words I was given when I was in training in Seattle, 'Have courage.'" When asked what the third word was, he said "I'm not very good at math."
  • Brendan wants all of us to "take a leap of faith" with this "beta" version of where we're heading with 3D filmmaking, and he says the movie is as important as when sound first came to the movies in The Jazz Singer. Based on the trailer we've seen, we're not sure if we'll be leaping into that hole. However, the 3D footage they showed late sure looked tactile and tasy.

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