Monkey waiters are exponentially creepier when they wear human faces

You may have heard of the famed monkey waiters of The Kayabukiya Tavern north of Tokyo, but have you ever seen the monkeys don lifeless human masks? Writers of the blog Budget Trouble stopped by the restaurant last year and were sufficiently rattled by their masquerading attendant:

Tonight only Fukuchan was on duty. And let me tell you, the masked and wigged monkey in the mask was a very creepy sight. And if not for those monkeys, there would be no reason for Kayabuki [...] to be famous. It's a less-than-average izakaya. Somewhat dirty and grungy, but not enough to be a skanky dive. The food is OK, but just barely this side of OK. The service is non-existent. No wonder then that when a British TV crew visited Kayabuki some time ago, some customers said that the monkeys were actually better waiters. At least they brought you things, which cannot be said about the human staff.



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