Earlier this week Mondo hosted a Game of Thrones gallery at Austin's SXSW festival, showcasing enough gorgeous art to fill you all up like sweet, sweet lemon cake. But you didn't see ALL of the art. We're hosting an exclusive look at some new GoT-inspired art from artist JC Richard.

"North of the Wall," a massive look at the only thing protecting us from... the many, many bad things that are north of the Wall. This is the fourth Game of Thrones poster of an 8-part series that Mondo will be rolling out until the new season premiere.


"North of the Wall"

Artist: JC Richard

Size: 15.5" x 36"

Edition: 365

Price: $45

"North of the Wall" will go on sale tomorrow (3/14) at MondoTees.com. Follow @MondoNews for the exact sale time.

Click to see the poster in its FULL GLORY.