Monday's Commentary Twack: Choose Your Poison

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We're back, taking it to the tweets and tearing an unsuspecting Netflix-able movie a new one. But the twist is, this week, you guys decide which film gets to feel our collective wrath.

Just like we did two weeks ago (when Conan the Destroyer got the nod) I've picked five likely subjects - all of which are available on Netflix Watch Instantly - and whichever gets the most votes will receive the honor of our love next Monday.


So, vote below, and be sure to follow @io9commentary and the #io9moviemonday hashtag. We'll all see you Monday night at 9:30pm EST!

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crashedpc /sarcasm

I'd hate on Waterworld more if I hadn't known that Costner has his own company that makes machines to filter oil from water, and that 31 of them are going to be used to help in the Gulf right now. Jeebus!