Mom Tries To Explain Inception, Adorably Massacres The Plot

Moms and Chris Nolan movies. What an absolutely wonderful pairing. Watch as one mother explains the plot of Inception immediately after watching the film, and just completely totals the thing, top to bottom. It's great.

This wonderful video was created by pixelspersecond, and now we think everyone should record their mother watching Chris Nolan movies. In fact I would love a supercut of moms reacting to every Nolan movie, ever.

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This is not funny. It's actually sad. I have zero tolerance for ignorance and for people who can't devote their attention to anything more complicated than a People's magazine. That woman probably doesn't know shit about science, the universe, computers, politics outside of what she us feed by cnn/MSNBC/fox news or really anything outside of her tidy little reality.

Maybe I'm overreacting and maybe that lady is a particle physicist for all I know.