When this young girl was adopted by the Lewis family at the age of seven, she chose the name "Alice" as both a tribute to the Lewis Caroll character and as a way to control her own identity. Now, she gets to use costumes, styling, props, and the photography skills of her mom, Kelly.

On her tumblr, Kelly Lewis documents not only the finished product byt the behind-the-scenes of these beautiful photos. The tumblr also explains the project:

Alice is a bright little girl who was adopted at the age of seven. At the time of her adoption she decided to change her name to Alice after her favorite disney character. You can learn more about how Alice came to be adopted here. Alice enjoys cosplay and having her picture taken by her photographer mom, and playing soccer and swing dancing with her dad. Some of her favorite things include drawing, Harry Potter, cotton candy, gymnastics, and playing Mario Bros.

This little blog is just a digital scrapbook of the many adventures in Alice's life and a collection of things that make her happy. It's a record to help us remember and for you to enjoy. She is aware of every post so please be kind with your comments and feel free to send her a little note.


Kelly also explains why she and Alice talk about her adoption:

The masses are offended at the mention of Alice's adoption but it's something she's proud of. When you've had six mother figures before the age of seven it's a pretty big deal when you get adopted into a forever home. It's life changing in the best possible way. Alice loves sharing her story so that others might get inspired to adopt a child, an older one at that. Reading another child's adoption story is what inspired us to foster-to-adopt in the first place. And while I don't introduce Alice as my 'adopted daughter' ... we don't keep it a secret where she came from. It's part of her identity and I never want her to be ashamed of it. It's relevant to the portraits we create together because it's what we do to bond. We didn't have a natural maternal link - we created one the best way we knew how and it's stronger that I could have ever imagined.

More of the photos are below, and even more are at Malice of Alice website.



[via Bored Panda]