Molly Crabapple's New Comic About Cyborgs In 18th Century France

We've featured Molly Crabapple's art on io9 before, so we were excited when Molly wrote and said she'd just inked a deal with DC imprint Zuda to do an alternate history comic book about the cyborgs of Versailles.

Molly, who is doing the comic The Puppet Makers with John Leavitt, describes it as "a Rococo steampunk murder mystery." Here's the official description:

Dangerous Liaisons meets Blade Runner. The Puppet Makers is a mystery set in an alternate historical Versailles. Versailles is run by clockwork and aristocrats wear robotic suits, or Dollies, to go through the elaborate rituals that proscribe daily life. When the king's Dolly explodes, it is revealed that he's long since vanished. A young monk's investigations into the king's disappearance draw him into the dark secrets of the court.


And the art looks properly disturbing. Looking forward to this one.

Comtesse Olympee d'Ortie and her dolly


Frere Jean


The Sun King's dolly

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