MODOK's New Trailer Is Full of Head Jokes and Supervillain Throwdowns

MODOK and his AIM arch-nemesis Monica Rappaccini do battle.
MODOK and his AIM arch-nemesis Monica Rappaccini do battle.
Screenshot: Hulu
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If you were somehow uncertain that Hulu’s Marvel animated series about the bigwig in charge of AIM wasn’t going to have a joke or 60 about MODOK’s grand noggin’, well... this trailer’s got you covered.


Just in time for the show’s release on Hulu next month, a new trailer for MODOK has arrived, giving us a look at just how the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing (voiced by Patton Oswalt) balances trying to take over the world with AIM’s advanced technology by day, and family life by night.

The answer? Very poorly, because Modok’s wife Jodie (Aimee Garcia) is filing for divorce and sleeping with Wonder Man (played by Nathan Fillion, continuing a bit that is now five years old).

As MODOK tries to navigate both the single parent life and battling his ex-wife as she attempts to become a supervillain in her own right, he has to put up with not just the financial woes of trying to run a company as prone to getting subordinates and expensive tech blown up by Iron Man (Jon Hamm! Iron Hamm!) and SHIELD as AIM is, but, as we mentioned... a lotta big head jokes.

A lot.

We’ll find out what else MODOK has to offer when it drops on Hulu starting May 21.

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